Our team

GenderJam has always been run exclusively by trans, non-binary, questioning and intersex young people, and we’re proud of that. Volunteering and Committee positions are open to anyone in these communities aged 25 and under. We believe that only trans young people can truly comprehensively understand our own needs, and that we’re capable and willing to represent ourselves.

Our team is entirely voluntary, fuelled by a love for their work and a passion for the rights of trans youth. We’re keen to expand our volunteer pool – get in touch if you’re interested!

Our Committee

GenderJam is run and directed by a voluntary Committee of trans young people, who ensure the charity is run effectively and safely, develop our work and support our volunteers to do amazing things.

You can contact all our Committee at once at committee@genderjam.lgbt or online.

Jonas Ellwood

Photograph of Jonas EllwoodHey there! I’m Jonas, a masc non-binary person who’s lived in Northern Ireland most of their life. I joined the GenderJam Committee in 2017 and I help run the Binder Scheme, our social media, and plan our events. Outside of GenderJam, I’m a full time film studies and production student with dreams of working in the film and television industry to help create the representation in media our community deserves!

Also I have a cat called Loki and I love her. Please talk trans rights and cats with me. My pronouns are he/they.

You can contact him at jonas@genderjam.lgbt or online.

Laoise Fitzpatrick

Photo of Laoise FitzpatrickHello! I’m Laoise, a 24 year old trans woman from Australia. I joined the GenderJam committee in 2017, and I am excited to both work on policy, and support rural communities. I have lived in Northern Ireland for the last year, and the Republic of Ireland for 16 years before that. I have experience in running trans support groups south of the border, and have co-organised a number of summer camps for trans youth from across Europe. In my spare time I play video games and argue with strangers on Twitter. My pronouns are she/her.

You can contact her at laoise@genderjam.lgbt or online. You can also follow Laoise on Twitter!

Jack Freeman

Photo of Jack FreemanHey, I’m Jack! I’ve been a volunteer in various roles for around 5 years and joined the GenderJam Committee in 2015, becoming Chairperson in October 2017. I’m passionate about community building and advocacy. I’m an artist and a musician and can play guitar and piano. I spend most of my spare time playing video games and The Legend of Zelda is my favourite game franchise. My pronouns are he/him. 

You can contact him at jack@genderjam.lgbt or online. You can also find Jack on Twitter!

Faolan Hook

Photograph of Faolan HookI’m Faolan! I’m a young non-binary trans masculine person from Holywood. I am currently studying in the field of youth work. I’ve been part of the GenderJam Committee since 2017, and I help run social media, the website, and our events. Now with formalities out of the way, in my time outside volunteering I write, draw, perform, cosplay, and nerd out over anything Lovecraftian. I have 8 pets at home; 6 dogs and 1 cat (I’d totally be down for showing them anytime). My pronouns are he/they.

You can contact him at faolan@genderjam.lgbt or online. You can also find Faolan on Instagram!

Alexa Moore

Photo of Alex MooreHi! I’m Alexa and I’m a non-binary trans activist from Newry. I’ve been on the GenderJam Committee since 2016, and I run the monthly meet up in my hometown, help out with social media and have recently been doing some radio and TV work. Besides working with GenderJam, I am also a Trustee in the NI Youth Forum, and spend my free time playing slightly aged video games on the Wii, lusting after anything Nintendo produces and being vaguely political. My pronouns are she/they.

You can contact them at alex@genderjam.lgbt or online. You can also catch them oversharing on Twitter or talking politics on Facebook!

Ellen Murray

Photo of Ellen MurrayHello! I’m Ellen, the founder of GenderJam, and I’ve been on the Committee since 2013, being Chairperson from the beginning until October 2017.

I’m a trans rights expert focusing on community development, healthcare rights and strategic policy with government. I manage the Belfast Trans Resource Centre and am now focusing on making our wonderful work at GenderJam sustainable through training, governance and skills development. I’m the boring one.

My pronouns are she/her.

You can contact her at ellen@genderjam.lgbt or online. She can be found on Twitter and Facebook, and at her blog.

Aaron Quigg

Photo of Aaron QuiggHello! I’m Aaron, I’m non-binary, and I joined the GenderJam Committee in 2017. I’ve been volunteering with GenderJam for much longer than that, and am interested in helping us expand across Northern Ireland, setting up new social groups and running events. I’m an experienced youth worker from Newry and am very into gaming, and hand crafts.

I collect retro games consoles, and have 13 so far, but hope to have many more soon! My pronouns are they/them.

You can contact them at aaron@genderjam.lgbt or online.