Access information for our events

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This page contains access information for our events, including physical accessibility of venues, assistive technology, public transport information and other relevant accessibility information.

  • If you think we’ve missed something or want to comment on this, get in touch!

[icon name=”transgender-alt” class=”fa-fw”] Social Meetup Events

Our social meetup events for young trans, non-binary and questioning people are relaxed and informal. Feel free to come at any time you like, and stay for as long as you wish. Take part as much or as little as you wish – some people bring a book or knitting to do, should they want a break from socialising at some point. There are places to have quiet, gender neutral bathroom facilities and great food & drink. We hope you’ll love it.

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  • Please see our full event rules for more information.
  • If you have worries or concerns about attending, or about someone you know attending, please get in touch.


[icon name=”map-marker” class=”fa-fw” unprefixed_class=””] Our other venues

We often use other venues for our events. Please find access information for them below.

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