What we do

We support the young transgender community in Northern Ireland directly by bringing young people together, producing resources and advocating for the rights of trans youth in the region. We have been doing this since August 2013 and have quickly become well-connected with the trans community, both locally and across the UK and Ireland.

[icon name=”group” class=”fa-fw”] Supporting Trans Youth

We are a community of young trans people, run by young trans people. As such, everyone involved is knowledgeable and experienced in trans issues. We offer a wide range of support for trans young people, from relaxed social get-togethers throughout the month in Belfast and Newry to individual support with healthcare, education and legal recognition, to emergency help with housing and mental health.

What we do changes every week, as more and more young people come to our events or contact us, and it’s difficult to predict what we’ll be doing in a year’s time. Put simply, we do what the young trans people we talk to need and want us to do.

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[icon name=”calendar” class=”fa-fw”] Events We Run

We run regular social get-togethers for young trans, non-binary, questioning and intersex people in Belfast and Newry, which are open to anyone who identifies with any of these terms and is aged 25 or under. If you’re slightly over 25, feel free to come along, too! These meetups are totally casual and relaxed, and have provided young trans people in NI with a safe haven at the weekends for some time now.

You do not need to let us know before coming – just turn up! If you’re nervous or worried about coming, feel free to bring a friend you trust, or contact us and we can meet up with you beforehand to help with your nerves.

[icon name=”users” class=”fa-fw”] Friends & Family Meetups

We also run a Friends & Family meetup regularly alongside the fortnightly regular events. These will be open to all friends and family members of trans youth, as well as to trans youth themselves. They are a brilliant way to get support as a friend or family member, and a lovely way to network with other families.

We run our Friends & Family Meetups with SAIL NI.

[icon name=”building-o” class=”fa-fw”] Helping Organisations

As much as we can, we help other organisations adapt to and support the young trans community. We have worked with schools, health & social care trusts, non-governmental organisations and charities to help improve their conditions for trans youth.

  • [icon name=”envelope” class=”fa-fw”] If you think we can help your organisation, get in touch!


[icon name=”clock-o” class=”fa-fw”] Our History

We started bringing the young trans community together in August 2013 via the community blogging website Tumblr. Our first meetups were well attended and we had 14 people attend the first couple. We first organised under the name “Young Trans* Tea Belfast“, and continued to meet up semi-regularly for several months.

In spring 2014, the decision to create a regular event was agreed and GenderJam NI was born. Since then, we’ve been working like clockwork, meeting up non-stop, even over the Christmas break. Numbers attending the casual meetups have fluctuated but are generally increasing, with an average of 18 attending in the months coming up to January 2015.

We have also branched out to work directly with young trans people, providing information and support to young people in need, and emergency homelessness and mental health support where needed. We have also distributed over 100 safer chest binders to young transmasculine people, and given dozens of organisations our guidance and recommendations for helping their young trans members.

We marched in Belfast Pride in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and are planning so many exciting things for 2017! We hope you’ll join us in those plans, support us to help them happen, or both!