Northern Ireland Binder Scheme

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Welcome to the Northern Ireland Binder Scheme! We’re providing as many free binders to young trans, non-binary, questioning & intersex people in Northern Ireland as we can. We’ve already given over 125 binders out since August 2014, but we’re making them easier to get in future.

gc2b, a binder manufacturer based in the US, proudly sponsor our scheme and provide us with many of the binders we give out.

Picture of a chest binder supplied through this Scheme along with the accompanying safety information

[icon name=”info-circle” class=”fa-fw”] Important information

We rely on donations to run this scheme, as with all the work we do. There may be times when there is a waiting list to get binders, particularly in popular sizes. We will advise about this as much as possible.

  • Binders are supplied free of charge & may be new or used in good condition. We cannot currently afford to supply everyone with new binders and rely on donations of used binders.
  • Recipients of binders can have them shipped to any address in NI under any name. They are shipped in plain brown padded envelopes with no reference to the Binder Scheme or GenderJam NI on the packaging.
  • This scheme is run voluntarily on a part-time basis, and there may be periods when we cannot respond to requests immediately.
  • Binders will always be shipped with safe binding information.

[icon name=”exclamation-circle” class=”fa-fw”] Restrictions on the Scheme

Unfortunately, we can’t supply everyone in the world with a binder because we have very limited resources to work with. To be eligible for the Scheme, you must:

  • You must be transgender (including non-binary and questioning) and/or intersex. These binders are not available for cosplay use or for cisgender and non-intersex individuals, except where they are being acquired on behalf of a trans person.
    We may ask individuals requesting on behalf of another person some additional questions to make sure they’re going to trans/intersex young people.
  • You should be aged 25 or younger, but we can help those who are slightly older if they have no other access to safe binders.
  • You must currently be in Northern Ireland.
  • For other parts of the world, please see the wonderful MORF Binder Scheme [icon name=”arrow-right” class=”fa-fw”]
  • You must not request binders simply to sell them on for profit.

[icon name=”cart-plus” class=”fa-fw”] Request a Binder

[fruitful_alert type=”alert-info”]We’re experiencing very high demand for our Binder Scheme right now. We may be a while getting back to you.[/fruitful_alert]