Sexual Health Guide for Trans & Non-Binary Young People in Northern Ireland

[fruitful_alert type=”alert-danger”]The guide discusses issues around dysphoria, abuse, and sexual & domestic violence.[/fruitful_alert]


We’ve worked with SAIL to write a sexual health guide for trans & non-binary young people in Northern Ireland, and the sexual health providers who support them!

The guide isn’t intended to replace mainstream sex education or sexual health guides – it’s supposed to be used alongside other resources, like Brook’s online guide[icon name=”external-link” class=”” unprefixed_class=””], but provides lots of information which is specifically useful for trans & non-binary young people.

The guide will be printed once we’ve finalised it and provided for free, and it’ll also be available as a free PDF online. We’ll also be producing a global version, which will be similar, but without the information specific to Northern Ireland.

The guide is aimed at all people who identify as trans and/or non-binary aged 25 and under, who live or are staying in Northern Ireland.

Cover for the professional guidePlease don’t print or distribute the guide except to ask for feedback, until we’ve finalised it. It’ll be free for everybody soon!

Thanks to the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust for their support in producing this resource. You can read their foreword by Gabrielle O’Neill online here.

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