GenderJam NI

Hello there! We’re a charity run by and for the young transgender community in Northern Ireland, based in Belfast and Newry. We bring young trans, non-binary, questioning and intersex people together and create resources to help the community in Northern Ireland and beyond. We also provide individual support for young people experiencing difficulty with housing, education, healthcare and other issues that affect the trans community in the region.
[fruitful_sep]Are you a young trans person? Are you non-binary, or questioning your gender? Are you intersex? Why not come along to one of our events and make friends or get information?

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Do you need help transitioning or accessing your legal rights? Do you need immediate help?

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We are run entirely by young people elected by the membership, and are currently an entirely voluntary organisation. We rely on your donations to do our work, and our work is always expanding into new areas. We also now have a shop selling the coolest merch going, with all sales going directly to helping our work![fruitful_sep]

[icon name=”bullhorn” class=”fa-fw”] Our Advocacy Work

Badge with the logo of the National Trans Youth Network signifying that GenderJam is a member of the NTYN.We are members of the Northern Ireland Trans Forum, the UK National Trans Youth Network and  the UK LGBT Consortium, and work closely with LGBT organisations across UK and Ireland, and across Europe. We also work with local and regional government to try to improve Northern Ireland for young trans people. We work with schools, community organisations and other supporting groups to make sure trans young people have access to every benefit of society.

We want to hear from you if we can help! Get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and support you or someone you know.